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Weight Loss

Losing weight is hard work, yet 80-95% of people who do shed pounds initially will regain them, no matter how hard they try to keep them off. You can increase your chances of success with a weight loss program supervised by Nneka Edokpayi, MD, and the team at Rapha Health and Wellness. They understand how hormone and gut problems can interfere with losing weight and create a plan that supports your health and weight loss needs. You can schedule an appointment by calling the Houston, Texas office, or you can book online for an in-person or virtual visit. Contact us today!

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Weight Loss

If you are facing weight problems and need to lose weight, it is normal to feel frustrated if you do not see results despite the effort. The cookie-cutter method is not applicable here. It is more challenging to keep the weight off. Every weight-loss pathway has to face the music to meet the required goals. You have to follow the particular procedure and proposal to actualize your plan as it requires more effort and commitment.

  • How do I know if I’m overweight?

    Dr. Edokpayi uses the body mass index (BMI), which factors in your height and weight. To gauge where you stand, the numbers break down like this:
    Under 18.5: Underweight18.5-24.9: Normal weight25-29.9: OverweightOver 30: Obese
    While these numbers are a good place to start to decide if you’re too heavy, Dr. Edokpayi also considers your muscle mass and bone structure as she assesses your weight.

  • What problems are associated with carrying too much weight?

    Carrying extra weight puts a strain on your body and increases your chance for a number of detrimental health conditions, such as:
    ● Type 2 diabetes● High cholesterol● Stroke● Heart disease● Osteoarthritis● High blood pressure● Depression● Sleep apnea● Liver disease● Kidney disease
    In addition, excess pounds are a common cause of joint and chronic pain.
    Learn about the between being overweight and sleep apnea.

  • What are the advantages of medically supervised weight loss?

    The medical weight loss program at Rapha Health and Wellness gives you a better chance of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight for two essential reasons:

    ● Medical Supervision
    Your weight loss program begins with a review of your medical and weight loss history, a physical exam, and in most cases, blood work. This allows your provider to identify and treat hormonal imbalances that would sabotage your efforts. They also diagnose chronic health conditions that need treatment and monitoring while you lose weight.

    ● Motivation and Support
    Having personal support from a team that cares about your success makes the difference between achieving your goals and giving up. The team at Rapha Health and Wellness gives you information and encouragement. They also hold you accountable by monitoring your progress.

  • What services does my weight loss program include?

    Your program begins with a weight loss assessment. Your provider talks with you about your eating habits, any previous efforts to lose weight, and the emotional issues and ingrained habits that contribute to overeating.
    For the next step, you set your weight loss goal, and your provider helps determine the calorie limits you need to follow to reach your goals in a healthy time frame. Your obesity management plan may include:
    ● Meal planning● Nutritional counseling● Behavioral modification● Vitamins and supplements● Weight loss medication management● Metabolism boosters● Exercise recommendations● Behavioral modification
    The team at Rapha Health and Wellness believes that a healthy gut builds the foundation for your overall health, including your weight. In fact, the bacteria in your gut influence energy metabolism and regulate your appetite, fat storage, and sugar metabolism. Dr. Edokpayi recommends steps you can take to heal and restore your gut bacteria. If you’re ready to lose weight, call Rapha Health and Wellness or book an appointment online today.

  • How many weight-loss appointments do I need?

    It depends on how much weight you have to lose and the details of your individual plan. Everyone starting a weight-loss plan with Dr. Edokpayi begins with a comprehensive consultation at one of the offices in Houston or Sugar Land, Texas. Once you begin your program, she may have you return for follow-up meetings on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. For help losing weight and hope for a healthy future, call Nneka Edokpayi, MD, at Rapha Health and Wellness or use the online booking tool.

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Why Is Weight Loss Important?

Before you set the goal to lose weight, it is a bottom-line question to be conscious of why weight loss is important in your life? Understanding the wide range of beneficial effects of weight loss helps to keep you motivated by adopting bright-eyed activities. Weight loss pops out with many health and lifestyle benefits. It is a great way to improve your overall wellbeing.
Losing weight will help to improve your social life, physical, and psychological health. To your surprise, a few appetite suppressant medications would also help you lose weight.

  • Health Benefits

    If you want to lose weight with time, not abruptly, it is good to keep your health good. Losing weight has a positive effect on your overall health. It assists you
    ● To decrease your joint pain
    ● To improve your mobility
    ● To improve the cholesterol level
    ● To maintain the blood sugar level
    ● To reduce the risk of the stroke
    ● To reduce the chance of heart diseases
    ● To reduce the risk of the diabetes
    ● To reduce the risk of certain cancers
    ● To improve the sleeplessness
    ● To reduce the risk of symptoms of the osteoarthritis
    ● To lower the blood pressure
    ● To minimize the back pain

  • Enjoy Lifestyle

    The fitness plan helps you reshape your lifestyle by adopting new healthy habits and halting unhealthy old ones. The goal to reduce weight helps to make the exciting changes that will result in a happy, healthy weight that you can maintain for the rest of your life. You can tailor your own needs with your preferred eating style by sticking to healthy habits. Weight loss helps to improve your lifestyle. Your weight loss journey will be smooth by using appetite suppressants. It stimulates energy to revitalize your new
    passion. You will successfully observe:

    ● Better sleep
    ● Improved vitality
    ● Active social life
    ● Improved energy and mood
    ● Improved body image
    ● More confidence and less stress

  • Evaluate your Weight Loss Target by BMI

    You can start by determining your weight and evaluating how much you’re overweight. Set a goal. Set a start date. Your physician can help prescribe weight loss medications to help you achieve your goal. Please consider physician-assisted weight loss for the following reasons:
    ● If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is more than 30 with no medical issues● If BMI is 27 or higher along with high blood pressure and diabetes

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The Role of Appetite Suppressants for a Healthy Weight Loss

The word diet is misleading because simply it doesn’t work. A diet plan can help reduce the weight initially, but once you stop the plan, you may start to gain weight again, even more than they lost. Everyone’s pathway of weight loss is different. However, a doctor can help you toward achieving a more sustained success. Here is some secret information to consider toward a successful weight loss journey.

  • Use of Medications and Injections for Weight Loss

    Appetite suppressants like Phentermine can help reduce weight loss by curbing hunger. It helps to shed off extra fat. You will lose more weight if you use it when combined with a healthy lifestyle like diet and exercise. These diet pills help to control hunger, and you feel full. So, you take fewer calories and lose weight. 
    Phentermine, an appetite suppressant, is a widely prescribed weight loss medication. It is more suitable for those people who want to lose more pounds if exercise plans and programs are not working out. 
    It does not suit anybody with heart disease, high blood pressure, or overactive thyroid glands; it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
    Other medications like Qsymia and Contrive can also help suppress your appetite. For those who do not qualify for Phentermine, you may qualify for Contrive or Ethylproprion/Bupropion.
    New medications like Wegovy and Saxenda work similar to glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1) which helps to regulate your hunger. These can be used either alone or combine with other medications to help you reach your weight loss goals by eating fever calories.
    Sermorelin can also be very beneficial for weight loss. Therapy can provide various benefits, such as increasing muscle mass, promoting quicker recovery after exercising, boosting energy and endurance, improving strength, and alleviating joint and muscle pain for patients with chronic conditions like arthritis. This can be done in conjunction with other weight loss medications to improve your chances of success.
    MIC injections are also used to burn extra fat. MIC is an abbreviation of individual compounds along with vitamin B-12, each designed to help to accelerate weight loss: L-Methionine, Inositol, Choline

  • How does MIC Injection work?

    This lipotropic agent helps break down the fat during metabolism in our body. These are also called fat-burning injections. The injection helps to cut down layers of fat, but it doesn’t happen instantly or magically. It requires time to proceed and initiate the metabolic process. 
    The Methionine “M” helps to mobilize and eliminate abnormal fat deposits. The vitamins in the injections boost energy by keeping the metabolism high as I and C are a powerful combination for fat filtering. 
    Inositol or “I” regulates the hormones and insulin levels, keeping your mood more stable and controlling your hunger level too. 
    Choline, the “C,” metabolizes the fats and sends them to the bloodstream for further use after breaking them down into simpler components. Enhancing your metabolism helps to reduce the assimilated fat. 
    This combination conserves mental health, and it is helpful to improve the feelings of depression.

  • The Accelerated Role of MIC Injections

    With a very low-calorie diet, the physicians add MIC injections to amplify a patient’s weight loss experience. Since the weight loss due to the MIC is concerned with releasing much of the fat into the body. The lipotropic injection helps to move fat out of the liver. Some accelerated hormone-based weight loss programs use MIC injections with associated fat-burning compounds such as cyanocobalamin. MIC injections are often called Lipo- B and Lipo-C. Lipo C is similar to B except it contains L-Carnitine which aids in burning fat faster.

  • Precautionary Measures

    You may face some underlying health conditions due to obesity. A simple blood test is helpful to check diabetes and thyroid disorders. You should not take diet pills if you have:
    ● Heart disease● Glaucoma● Liver disease● Hyperthyroidism
    The food and drug administration has cleared the use of these diet suppressants tablets and injections for short-term use of 12 weeks or fewer. You may take these medications for an indefinite period if your health care provider approves.

  • Our Plan

    If you are struggling to lose weight or having trouble with maintaining weight, your doctor can help. Here at Rapha Health And Wellness as well as at RHW Medspa we could prescribe multiple individualized health plans including Phentermine and MIC injections as a part of your weight-control program. We are weight loss doctors in both Sugar Land and Houston. We can help you start your weight loss journey now. We also work with a nutritionist to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


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