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Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feeling sluggish, gaining weight, fighting brain fog, and losing interest in sex are common signs you may have a hormone imbalance. Nneka Edokpayi, MD, and the team at Rapha Health and Wellness eliminate symptoms caused by low hormones, prevent serious health problems, rebalance hormones, and reinvigorate your life with hormone replacement therapy. To learn if a hormone imbalance is to blame for your symptoms, call the office in Houston or Sugar Land, Texas, or use online booking to request an in-person or virtual visit today.

  • What is a hormone imbalance?

    Your hormones help operate many of your body’s daily functions. For them to work properly, your hormones must be synchronized and work well together. If you’re depleted in a hormone or have too much of one, you have a hormone imbalance.

  • Why would I need hormone replacement therapy?

    Hormones regulate every part of your body. They activate your immune system, control your digestive, nervous, and reproductive systems, and determine your:
    ● Mood
    ● Metabolism
    ● Heart rate
    ● Blood pressure
    ● Blood sugar
    ● Sex drive
    ● Hunger and fullness
    ● Bone strength
    ● Muscle growth

    To maintain optimal health, your body tightly controls the hormone levels in your blood. If any hormone goes above or below the normal range, the resulting hormone imbalance causes physical, emotional, and psychological problems. You can develop a hormone imbalance for many reasons, ranging from stress, nutritional deficiencies, and sleep problems to health conditions like thyroid disease and diabetes. The production of some hormones naturally declines as you get older.

  • What should I expect during hormone replacement therapy?

    The team at Rapha Health and Wellness uses bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. These safe, natural hormones are made from plant chemicals that are structurally identical to the hormones your body produces.
    Your provider runs blood tests to verify your hormone levels; then your treatment is designed to give you the exact dose of hormones you need. Bioidentical hormones come in the form of gels, creams, pellets, patches, pills, and sprays. Your provider chooses the one that best addresses your condition.

    If you’re ready to re-energize your body, call Rapha Health and Wellness or book an appointment online today.

  • What are the benefits of taking bioidentical hormones?

    Natural hormones quickly relieve many of the troubling symptoms you’re experiencing with your hormone imbalance. Some of the most noticeable improvements are:
    ● Weight loss● Improved cognition● Better sex drive● Stable moods● Reduced bloating● Minimal hair loss or excessive hair growth
    People who take bioidentical hormones report that they sleep much sounder and feel rejuvenated from their sleep. This is vital for overall health and an important benefit of hormone replacement therapy.
    It’s likely that Dr. Edokpayi will combine your hormone replacement therapy with other holistic measures to craft an overall improvement plan that helps you feel, look, and perform at your best.
    If you have symptoms of hormone imbalance, turn to Nneka Edokpayi, MD, of Rapha Health and Wellness for solutions and comprehensive care. Call the office or use the online scheduling option.

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When do Women need hormone replacement therapy?

Women often need hormone replacement therapy to treat thyroid disorders and other health conditions. However, many women turn to this treatment as they reach menopause. When estrogen production drops at menopause, women experience a wide range of symptoms:
● Hot flashes
● Night sweats
● Mood swings
● Insomnia
● Urinary incontinence
● Vaginal dryness
● Painful sexual intercourse
● Memory problems
● Depression
● Dry skin

Restoring estrogen to its natural level treats these symptoms and prevents health conditions caused by low estrogen, such as osteoporosis.

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When do Men need hormone replacement therapy?

Men can develop an imbalance in any hormone due to health problems. But they most often need hormone replacement therapy to treat low testosterone. Men’s testosterone levels naturally decline by 1-2% every year after they turn 20. Testosterone imbalances cause symptoms such as:
● Loss of sex drive
● Erectile dysfunction
● Muscle loss and weakness
● Loss of body and beard hair
● Difficulty concentrating
● Weight gain
● Insomnia
● Memory loss
● Depression and anxiety
● Difficulty concentrating

Men overcome these symptoms as hormone replacement therapy brings testosterone levels back to normal.


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