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Dr. E and her Nurse Practitioner are the best. They listen, and they care.
Cedric T. | Mar 30, 2023
We love Dr. E!
Audrey S. | Mar 30, 2023
It was good.
Maebreanna P. | Mar 29, 2023
Friendly Staff and Timely Visit
Cheryl B. | Mar 27, 2023
My experience was great
Helen B. | Mar 27, 2023
Nice and friendly and professional as usual.
Martha T. | Mar 26, 2023
The best service I ever had love these guys
Saul Z. | Mar 26, 2023
I was attended to in a timely manner. Spent adequate time in seeing me
Emmanuel O. | Mar 26, 2023
That was good. They help me a lot. Thank you.
Maria P. | Mar 25, 2023
Physicians are very thorough and staff staff is nice as well n that lab person is the bomb
Ella R. | Mar 23, 2023
Professional ,the best experience i have ever had.
Gilbert M. | Mar 23, 2023
I feel satisfied with Dr Edokpayi as my PCP. She is very caring and patient with me. I wouldn’t want to change her for any other…
Bernice J. | Mar 22, 2023
It was okay.
Alyce R. | Mar 22, 2023
Friendly people
Patricia J. | Mar 21, 2023
Doctor took the time to answer all my qustions and talk about solutions for my health problems
Wyona W. | Mar 21, 2023
The staff was awesome.I was very happy with the service,I’m looking forward to my next appointment.
Dawn W. | Mar 21, 2023
Very good
Jacqueline J. | Mar 20, 2023
Well Performance
Constance G. | Mar 20, 2023
Rokeisha A. | Mar 19, 2023
I had a wonderful first visit!
Deidra B. | Mar 18, 2023
Courteous and kind. Listens to patients.
Cassandra Cox G. | Mar 18, 2023
Very nice thanks!
Rosa T. | Mar 17, 2023
I feel like I’m listened to. Always good experiences when l go for my visits.
Linda J. | Mar 16, 2023
Me gusto muy buena atención solo que en su defecto yo no hablo inglés y no hay traductor pero de todo lo demás muy buebo
Juana S. | Mar 15, 2023
Dr. Edokpayi Is one of my favorite and she makes me feel welcome at each viist. She is patient and values patient care. I love going to see her .i would certainly recommend her.
Emmetta G. | Mar 15, 2023
Penelope L. | Mar 14, 2023
I was greeted in a professional manner from the front desk to the each attendant. All were very attentive, kind and considerate. The environment was very clean and gave a great impression of health awareness! I have already recommended my client and friends to your office.
Brenda O. | Mar 14, 2023
Constance G. | Mar 13, 2023
Very understanding to my issue
Glenn L. | Mar 09, 2023
This was my first visitor every one was nice and patience u took the time to talk to me to find out what's the problem and I like that Ithank u for listening. Ms Shorts
Relinda S. | Mar 09, 2023
Showed deep concerns about my test results
Gale K. | Mar 09, 2023
I really like the my PCP DOCTOR Nneka Edokpayi MD,MPH and her Clinic associates THEY TAKE REALLY GOOD CARE OF ALL MY MEDICAL NEEDS.
Mary Lou G. | Mar 08, 2023
Well little upset because I cannot get anyone to pick up phone at Red Oak..but Sugarland office answers...? Phone just rings and rings..very very upsetting and get put on hold for long periods of times. The wait to get someone in the office for a medicine to get approval from my just taking so long. I feel I am being put off or am a nuisance...
Deborah M. | Mar 06, 2023
My visit was very pleasant. Np was very professional knowledgeable so was the student. The staff was all so friendly and professional. The lab tech when getting lab you never know she stuck you she so gentle I enjoyed my visit
Angela T. | Mar 05, 2023
Vontina W. | Mar 04, 2023
Wonderful staff
Chazia B. | Mar 01, 2023
They move fast are very helpful and make sure you are well taken care of they have everything in the office lab work and ekg I will enjoy going to this doctor office
Bobbie I. | Feb 28, 2023
Excellent service
Pravin M. | Feb 22, 2023
Excellent service
Pravin M. | Feb 22, 2023
My favor clinic they always helping me
Saul Z. | Feb 22, 2023
Dr. Nneka listens to all of your concerns about your body she gets straight to the point. She is also very sweet. The nurse practitioner I would say is sweet she just needs to be a little more focused.
Jante S. | Feb 22, 2023
Great work ethic’s!
Rene G. | Feb 21, 2023
Staff always friendly and courteous. Appointment time kept. Dr. reviewed chart and recommended further service and meds. It was great interaction today with all.
Sammie F. | Feb 21, 2023
Everyone was very professional and very kind to me would recommend to family and friends
Deborah M. | Feb 18, 2023
No comment
Cecilia C. | Feb 17, 2023
Doctor and nurses very friendly and professionals.
Patricia M. | Feb 17, 2023
The staff was friendly and attentive to my immediate situation. They treated me with care and communicated clearly with me about my care moving forward. Definitely left with a comfort that I am in good hands.
Keleia L. | Feb 17, 2023
Awesome Doctor and staff
Isaiah F. | Feb 17, 2023
Ella R. | Feb 16, 2023
This office needs to prioritize patients needs. When I needed referrals I had to wait and there was no follow up on clinic end to see that referrals were sent or patient support issues . I literally had to pick up medical records that I repeated asked to be faxed. We were at referral dr office for appt and the office said it would be24 - 48 hours before we could receive just a reference# and we waited for office to open and Clara in the office said medical records was busy when I explained the entire situation and we are still at an appt that we had to wait 3 months to get waiting — why does the office not have a my chart online so the office staff don’t have to deal with patients that they would rather not speak to on phone-.
Tracy P. | Feb 16, 2023
Dr. Edokpayi's Red Oak staff were great. In spite of the inclimate weather, they all were courteous, attentive and answered my questions. Each of them, from the front office clerk to Juliette (the nurse practitioner) was on point. In short, the experience was quite pleasant !
Alyce R. | Feb 16, 2023
It was great going to Dr. Nneka 's office for my appointment. The front desk lady is super awesome. She talked to people with respect. The service was great. I 100% recommend Dr. Nneka to everyone. They really know their job. They listen to people in detail.
Adeline C. | Feb 15, 2023
I will start by saying that Dr. Edokpayi is a great doctor, which is why I can not give this review 1 star. Dr. E is attentive-- she listens, she seeks to find the root of the problem instead of just prescribing medication to treat surface symptoms, and I truly feel she cares about me as a patient. I would give her 5 stars as a physician. My issue comes from the lack of communication and poor time management/scheduling on the administrative side. I have been seeing Dr. E for about 1 year and have been to the office 5 times. Each of those times, my wait in the lobby has been NO LESS than one hour, most times stretching to about 1.5 hours wait. Today (2/14/2023) was the absolute worst. They ask that you be at the office 15 minutes prior to your appointment. I arrived early for a 10:30am appointment. I was not called back until 11:45am, and the FNP did not enter my room until 12:15pm (2 hours after my arrival). Additionally, I overheard the receptionist tell a vendor that Dr. E was out for the day after I had already been waiting for 1.5 hours. When I inquired about the doctor being out, I was told that I would be seeing the nurse practitioner because my file did not say that I only wanted to see Dr. Edokpayi. I was also told that everyone who had the note that they wanted to see Dr. E had been called the day before, and that I had not been called because my file did not say that. There was no way for me to know that I needed to make that request when I specifically made my appointment to see Dr. E, nor was anything said to me upon check in. The receptionist told me that I could reschedule, but I had already waited for 1.5 hours and was in medical distress (which is why I came to see the doctor)! By the time I was finally called back to have my vitals taken, I was in more pain, my BP was extremely elevated, and I was irritated and frustrated, only to have to sit and wait ANOTHER 30 minutes for the FNP to come in the room. At this point, I’m visibly emotional and stressed out even further. I expressed my frustration to the FNP who explained that there were other patients before me who needed extended care. This was NEVER communicated to me during the entire 2 hours that I waited. The nurse was apologetic and gave me time to get my vitals back under control. However, the only resolve was to refer me to another physician. So essentially, I sat and waited 2 hours with no communication, only to be referred elsewhere and have no resolution to my ailment. It truly saddens me to have to search for a new PCP after finally finding a really good doctor, but the angst and frustration I experienced today along with the consistently long wait times contributes to an overall poor patient experience.
Stephanie M. | Feb 15, 2023
Constance G. | Feb 13, 2023
Good attention. Very professionals
Aymara G. | Feb 11, 2023
Todo bien.ucha preocupación
Aymara G. | Feb 10, 2023
Todo bien. Se preocupan y escribe cosas sobre mi
Aymara G. | Feb 10, 2023
I love my doctor. She actually cares.
Cedric T. | Feb 10, 2023
Good service, Dr. Juliet did a good job
Glidia M. | Feb 10, 2023
I was very happy everyone was great
Penelope L. | Feb 10, 2023
The waiting time isn't very long. The doctors are very thorough. They listen to your concerns and help find solutions.
Lashon P. | Feb 10, 2023
The first time I came to get look at it was literally just to get my ears cleaned out and maybe a simple check up. We were there for almost 3 hours. I had to work so I left before I was ever seen and I never came back. That was a year ago. This time around was definitely a lot better. I came in for a referral but we did a check up as well. The RN, Juliette (I hope I spelled it correctly), was the one to see me. I adored her. I’m really not good with doctors or nurses but she had a good aura around her when I came in. Great first impression on my eyes. So thank you.
Chantell C. | Feb 09, 2023
Dr Edokpayi is a very caring and loving person .I hope that I never have to change my doctor She’s very sweet and attentive to me..
Bernice J. | Feb 08, 2023
Dr Edokpayi is one amazing doctor . A wonderful mindful person concerned with each and every one of her patients. I personally have been blessed with her expertise in medicine.
Maria De Los Angeles B. | Feb 08, 2023
Friendly and helpful
Mary C. | Feb 08, 2023
At this particular appointment I felt rushed and like what I was concerned about was taken for a joke or being pushed aside and I did not appreciate it at all. And let me be clear I was not seen by dr Edokpayi it was the nurse so this comment is not about her
Angelique B. | Feb 04, 2023
Great experience
Sandra J. | Feb 04, 2023
They really helped and will recommend
Danille C. | Jan 31, 2023
Staff is very professional and gets you in and out with everything you need.
Margaret D J. | Jan 31, 2023
I was expecting for my doctor to see me and she was not there once again. Over all it went well however my main concern is just not being taken care of at this time.
Miessesi L. | Jan 30, 2023
Thank you very much! Good people, friendly and professional.
Vasile B. | Jan 28, 2023
Alejandro A. | Jan 27, 2023
Jenai L. | Jan 27, 2023
Attentive, timely and professional
Karen C. | Jan 26, 2023
Thank you very much! Very nice people and professional.
Vasile B. | Jan 26, 2023
Very professional, and very personable - a rare combination these days. I had a great experience with the staff at Dr. Nneka Edokpayi's Red Oak office.
Steve L. | Jan 26, 2023
Professional caring kind concerned
Evelyn G. | Jan 21, 2023
Pleasant delightful
Glenn L. | Jan 20, 2023
Bery good
Rosa B. | Jan 19, 2023
Love Dr. Edpkpayi can talk to her she listen. Will help with problem. Her staff is very helpful. I wouldn't changes doctor for anything
Mardrell F. | Jan 19, 2023
Is my first time there ! They make feel really comfortable! The nurse is really patient! And take her time with me.
Thongmee S. | Jan 19, 2023
I drive pass several Dr's office and a Kelsey Seybold Clinic which is about 5 min from where I live to get to her office. Dr. E is very personable and very easy to talk to. She truly cares about her patients. Her patients are priority and it shows. Wessilee H
Wessilee H. | Jan 18, 2023
The nurse practitioner was outstanding! She paid attention to my needs and listened to my concerns.
Suzie S. | Jan 17, 2023
The person who administered the injections is was very knowledgeable and caring. He explained everything that he was about to do before he did it. The rest of the staff is very caring and concerned and take care of me when my blood pressure is high.
Patricia Y. | Jan 16, 2023
Wonderful Dr. And Staff Dr. Answer’s all my questions and concerns, very easy to talk to.
Martha T. | Jan 15, 2023
It was a pleasant experience
Minnie S. | Jan 14, 2023
My doctor is well mannered and listened to my issues and responded accordingly. I really appreciate the time she took to explain her game plan and how she plans to help. Staff was also awesome and respectful.
Frank P. | Jan 14, 2023
I had a wonderful visit. Dr is so knowledgeable and polite. The staff really takes care of me when I go there.
Patricia Y. | Jan 14, 2023
My visit was pleasant, everyone was nice and helpful and courteous. There seemed to be a problem finding my application I submitted online, but they went ahead with the procedure. The only thing was being yelled at and being humiliated for not knowing where to put the urine sample in the right spot. I wasn’t feeling very well and do not need to be treated bad. I’m not a kid and was treated and yelled at like one. The same nurse was really good at getting blood samples did not feel a thing. Like I said it was mostly pleasant. Thanks.
Mario A. | Jan 13, 2023
She was amazing and good listener. I will not hesitate to recommend her friends and family members. Thanks again to others that made me feel comfortable.
Anthony U. | Jan 10, 2023
She surely impressed me. My Physical check up and her listening and caring about my health. She was amazing her work towards her patience. Thanks again to the blood lab lady and the young lady that took me in
Anthony U. | Jan 10, 2023
She make you feel like family and she will care for you like family
Elaine C. | Jan 09, 2023
Troy B. | Jan 09, 2023
Good. But sometimes not good.
Maria R. | Jan 09, 2023
Dr E is wonderful. She is truly interested in you as a person not just your health.
Gwendolyn H. | Jan 07, 2023
Always very attentive. The staff as the physicians are very cordial. Very knowledgeable about test as well as procedures.
Maria B. | Jan 06, 2023
They are very through and you don't have to wait long
Reeshemah M. | Jan 06, 2023
Manuel G. | Jan 06, 2023
Very thorough. Great doctor and staff!
Regina R. | Jan 06, 2023
Took time to listen to my concerns
Amy B. | Jan 03, 2023
I did not get to see Dr. Edokpayi but I still had a great experience with the staff. The new office is nice as well.
Yesenia S. | Jan 02, 2023
Virtual visit went well.
Martha C. | Dec 27, 2022
I was quite satisfied with the results of my tests ,I will highly recommend them anytime…
Bernice J. | Dec 23, 2022
I had a very Happy and professional encounter with the 3 new staff members of Dr. E's office. I hope Dr. E will hold on to these people for a long time.
Femi I. | Dec 22, 2022
Juanita M. | Dec 22, 2022
The service from the staff was excellent this what I be looking for good service thank u very much
Margarete G. | Dec 22, 2022
No long wait time nurses were professional and friendly
Lorraine A. | Dec 16, 2022
Not a long wait and all questions were answered to my satisfaction.
Audrey S. | Dec 15, 2022
The TA is very detail
Janet C. | Dec 13, 2022
Staff made me feel very comfortable
Emprise M. | Dec 12, 2022
The Nurse Practitioner listened and answered all of my questions and concerns. Dr E expounded more on what was needed for my case.
Reinta C. | Dec 07, 2022
Very detailed,felt confident with the staff
John W. | Dec 06, 2022
It was great
Nima M. | Dec 04, 2022
Gale K. | Dec 03, 2022
A caring and concerned visit
Gale K. | Dec 03, 2022
Excellent service, I have spent a lot of time with her and I really wouldn't change her for anything.
Alejandro A. | Dec 02, 2022
I do enjoy my experience. Didn't have to wait long at all.
Wessilee H. | Nov 30, 2022
I Apparate the time taken to make Sure things were under stood and why they are done thank that are making Sure you get better thank you for your Service
Noah T. | Nov 29, 2022
Great customer service
Stephanie C. | Nov 28, 2022
Great service.
Sandra J. | Nov 24, 2022
Very helpful and friendly. I don't know good English but she explained very well
Hira M. | Nov 22, 2022
The doctor who attended us was very helpful and friendly.
Pravin M. | Nov 22, 2022
Excellent service
Renato S. | Nov 20, 2022
My name is Kimberly Johnson'Davis and l have been with Dr E. For a while now and l must say she is very professional she ask and answer question in a way that you will understand. She makes sure you are well taken care of and her staff is very friendly and also very professional if they don't know the answer they will make sure they find it before you leave the office. I love Dr E. And her staff if you decide to go please let them know Kim sent you. I'm sure when you leave you will be very satisfied.
Kimberly J. | Nov 19, 2022
I had a good experience, but I did not receive the results of my EKG.
Valencia B. | Nov 18, 2022